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Orchestral and Instrumental Recordings

Audio recordings featuring the music of William Grant Still.

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Orchestral Music

Performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Avlana Eisenberg with Zina Schiff (Violin).
  Price:   $16.95

The Afro-American Symphony

CHCD-9154    Price:   $16.99

The Afro-American Symphony

Bridge-9086    Price:   $15.94

The Afro-American Symphony

CD-8559174    Price:   $10.95

The Afro-American Symphony ( with the poetry of Dunbar )

DPO 1-0809    Price:   $21.50

Symphony No. 2 ( Song of a New Race )

CHCD-9226    Price:   $18.98

Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3

CD-8559676    Price:   $12.95

Symphonies Nos. 4 and 5

CD-8559603    Price:   $12.95

The Big Broadcast

CD-A110    Price:   $15.95

A Festive Sunday with William Grant Still

CMCD-1060    Price:   $15.98

Fiesta in Hi-Fi

PHCD-434324-2    Price:   $15.74

Lenox Avenue: The Music of WGS

CMCD-1121    Price:   $15.95

The Little Song That Wanted to be a Symphony - A Childrens' Storybook

CD and Storybook    Price:   $14.95

Still Conducts Still

WGSMCD-1004    Price:   $12.95

An American Tribute to Sigurd Rascher

CRCD-652    Price:   $15.99

The Afro-American Symphony, Kaintuck' and Dismal Swamp

CRC-233    Price:   $15.74

Works for Symphonic Band

CMCD1156    Price:   $15.95

The American Scene

NCCD-85596    Price:   $15.89

Folks and Fantasies: The Chamber Music of Still and Julstrom

WGSM4001    Price:   $14.95

Spectral Trio

BGR125-CD    Price:   $16.99

Chamber Works by William Grant Still

NWCD-80399-2    Price:   $14.99

More Still

CMCD-1112    Price:   $15.95

Adderley & Holliday Piano Duo Project

TROY-CD1383    Price:   $15.90

Along the Western Shore

CD1141    Price:   $15.95

An American Portrait

RACCA-001 CASS     Price:   $9.95
RACCD-001 CD     Price:   $16.99

Piano Music of Black Composers

MACD-737    Price:   $15.98

Roy Eaton: The Complete Preludes of Chopin, Gershwin and Still

DCD-318    Price:   $15.98

Seta Karakashian: Rarely Performed Piano Works II

CD-7298    Price:   $15.99

William Grant Still: Piano Music

NX8.559210    Price:   $8.90

William Grant Still and Nathaniel Dett

AIR-CD-9013    Price:   $16.99

Amazing Grace: An American Tapestry

JDT3031CD    Price:   $16.99

A Recital of Sacred and Classical Music

#GDV1001    Price:   $14.95

Spiritual Fantasy

TR440    Price:   $15.95

Violin Music of Still

CRC-2750    Price:   $15.20

Here's One

4TCD-4005    Price:   $15.74

In My Own Voice

MS-12     Price:   $16.95

Pan-Americana: The Violin Artistry of Louis Kaufman

CD-1078     Price:   $15.95

William Grant Still: Works for String Quartet

SERAYNA     Price:   $10.95

Get On Board

CMCD-1083     Price:   $15.95

Toledo Clarinets

CD-1190     Price:   $15.20

But Not Forgotten: Music by African-American Composers

SONO-92156CD     Price:   $14.95


TROY-1038     Price:   $18.95

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Trio

JAMG-3001-CD     Price:   $15.80

Remembrance: African-American Songs

CD-DCF001     Price:   $15.98

Ebony Rhythm

EBN-CD-DWOR     Price:   $18.95

William Grant Still: Centenary Program 1895-1995

A two-hour documentary done by Cambria Recordings, containing interviews with William Grant Still and a complete representation of his most important works.

Archival set sold not-for-profit and not for broadcast.

CMCD-2WGSM ( Two CD-Set )     Price:   $21.95

Sunday Symphony

NASO-CA1001 CASS     Price:   $8.95
NASO-LP1001 LP     Price:   $16.99

Symphony No. 4

DPC-WGSS4 CD     Price:   $12.95

American Composers Series

VOX-5157 ( Two-CD Set )     Price:   $21.50

William Grant Still Conducts William Grant Still

GLLP-8011     Price:   $18.95

Got the Saint Louis Blues

CLR907-CD     Price:   $16.99

An American Concerto Tribute to Sigurd Rascher

TROY331-CD     Price:   $16.90

Still-Handy-Europe: Music from 1919 to 1939

CA-CTDRH     Price:   $9.35

Piano Music of William Grant Still #1

KOCD3-7084     Price:   $16.99

Piano Music of William Grant Still #2

WGSMCA-1002 CASS     Price:   $8.95

Rhapsody in Black and White

DYCD-351 CD     Price:   $17.99

African-American Sampler

PSH-1001 CD     Price:   $15.98

The Road Less Traveled

CDPO-7139 CD     Price:   $16.99

Contemporary American Composers

CRSCD-0374 CD     Price:   $14.98

Odeion String Quartet

JNSD-CD71 CD     Price:   $16.99

American Violin

KOCD-37268 CD     Price:   $16.99


THCD-45 CD     Price:   $16.99

Vintage America

ALB-TROY-693 CD     Price:   $14.60

American Made

TriLCO-CD     Price:   $15.98

Amazing Grace: An American Tapestry

JDT-3031CD     Price:   $16.99

A Tree in Your Ear

MSCD-1014 CD     Price:   $15.55


BGR-133 CD     Price:   $15.95

Oboe Odyssey

EMC-BR2050CD     Price:   $15.95