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William Grant Still Music
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Arias, Duets and Scenes

From the Operas of WILLIAM GRANT STILL, the "Dean of Afro-American Composers," In Three Volumes.
A comprehensive introduction to the operatic works of America's greatest Afro-American composer.

- The best arias and scenes from Still's eight operas.
- Ready-to-perform arias, duets and scenes for small solo ensembles requiring no cuts or awkward transitions.
- Beautiful additions to the mainstream American arias heard in competitions.
- Excellent for use in the voice studio, in opera workshops, and in performance.
- Opera plots and contextual settings of individual pieces included in each volume.
Only available through William Grant Still Music.

Due to the frequent violation of copyright laws, there are NO RETURNS ON SHEET MUSIC ORDERS.


Arias for Soprano and Mezzo Soprano.
  • From BLUE STEEL: "Give Me No Body Without Your Soul" (Neola, soprano)
  • From TROUBLED ISLAND: "Little Black Slave Child" (Celeste, mezzo soprano) and "'Tis Sunset in the Garden" (Claire, soprano)
  • From A BAYOU LEGEND: "In Ages Past" (Aurore, soprano) and "Now They will Be Coming to the Tree" (Clothilde, mezzo soprano)
  • From COSTASO: "Golden Days" (Carmela, soprano)
  • From MOTA: "This Strange Awakening" (Monase, soprano) and "Who Can Tell What Fate?" (Sidade, mezzo soprano)
  • From MINETTE FONTAINE: "I Have Two Loves" (Minette, soprano)
  • From HIGHWAY I, USA: "Once a Little Child" (Aunt Lou, mezzo soprano)
Price: $28.50
(See price for all three volumes below.)

Volume II

Arias for Tenor, Baritone and Bass.
  • From BLUE STEEL: "See the Trees" (Blue Steel, baritone)
  • From TROUBLED ISLAND: "Why Do You Laugh, Vuval?" (Dessalines, baritone), "I Dream a World" (Martel, bass) and "Drums in the Court" (Dessalines, baritone)
  • From A BAYOU LEGEND: "Children of the World" (The Minstrel, tenor) and "More Lovely Than My Imagining" (Bazile, tenor)
  • From COSTASO: "A Wand'ring Beggar Came" (Costaso, tenor)
  • From MOTA: "Must I Die for My Boldness?" (Mota, tenor)
  • From THE PILLAR: "Hear Me, Hear My Plea!" (Mani, tenor)
  • From HIGHWAY I, USA: "A Dream Wasted" (Bob, baritone) and "What Does He Know of Dreams?" (Nate, tenor)
Price: $28.50
(See price for all three volumes below.)

Volume III

Duets and Scenes.
  • From BLUE STEEL: "The Drums Weave the Spell of Death" (Doshy, contralto; Neola, soprano; Blue Steel, baritone; with SATB chorus) and "The Drums Weave the Spell of Death" (percussion part)
  • From TROUBLED ISLAND: "To Polish and Shine" (Three Servants, soprano, mezzo soprano, contralto; Azelia, contralto)
  • From A BAYOU LEGEND: "Because Faint Whisperings of Practices" (Father Lestant, bass; and The Three Blades, tenor, tenor and baritone) and "Calm as the Waters of the Bayou" (Aurore, soprano; Bazile, tenor, with SATB chorus)
  • From COSTASO: "Ave Maria" (Costaso, tenor; Manuel, baritone)
  • From MINETTE FONTAINE: "I Knew Why You Were Coming" (Marie, contralto; Minette, soprano; with TTBB [or SATB] chorus)
Price: $40.50
(See price for all three volumes below.)
Volumes I, II and III

All three volumes:
  • VOLUME I:   Arias for Soprano and Mezzo Soprano
  • VOLUME II:  Arias for Tenor, Baritone and Bass
  • VOLUME III: Duets and Scenes
Price: $92.62 Set   ( 5% Savings )